The most exciting news of the day is the Monty Python comedy troupe has vowed to reunite for a show. It's not official until Thursday, but inside sources say it's a done deal. That reminds me, have I told you the story of my parents hosting John Cleese for a party?

For starters, it was NOT John Cleese. It was a British dude named John who LOOKED JUST LIKE John Cleese. And by some weird coincidence, he knew A LOT about John Cleese and the whole Monty Python group! He was a former co-worker of my mom's and it was uncanny how much he looked like him.

Anyway, when I was in junior high in Davenport, Washington, my parents decided to hold a party with "John" and invited like 50 people telling all of them John Cleese would be there! These were 50 adults! They were all fooled. They took photos, they got autographs and they asked him questions about Monty Python -- and he always answered flawlessly! He would tell stories about being behind the camera while filming "Holy Grail." He knew a lot about everything. It was 100 percent convincing.

A few years later they planned a huge New Year's party and I asked if John Cleese was going to be there. My dad laughed and let me in on the secret.

Over the years they've gradually let most of their friends know it was a prank. Why did they do that? I have no idea. Who invites a bunch of people over for a big party that's all a big prank -- and then never tell it was a prank!?

Getty Images, Tom Whitby