It's Morel Mushroom season in the Blue Mountains. I personally have never gone mushroom hunting but I have friends that do. The morel is considered a delicacy and are reportedly delicious...

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Here are some important rules for hunting Morel's in the Blues:

The Blue Mountain National Forests (the Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman and Malheur) do not require a free-use permit for individuals harvesting "incidental amounts" of mushrooms. To be consistent with State laws, "incidental amounts" are defined as "possessing or transporting one gallon or less in Oregon and five gallons or less in Washington." Free-use mushrooms cannot be sold or bartered.

Annual Permits are also available again this year. Annual Permits are valid for the calendar year and cost $100.00. As always, commercial mushroom picking is prohibited in wilderness areas.

Make sure you know exactly what the Morel looks like and PLEASE don't eat them Raw