Students at Moses Lake High School thought one school policy was harsh and unkind. They took to social media to protest and the public agreed. The school district will change!

Students witnessed a fellow classmate get embarrassed in the lunch line by district employees who took the teen's lunch away for insufficient funds.

At high school, the lunch line is à la carte so kids pay at the end. That means they sometimes don't know they're out of money on their account until they've already stood in line, and picked out food.

When the district employee took the student's lunch, others were outraged, seeing it as a heartless act.

They complained on social media and stirred up enough sympathy that the school district was guilted into changing the policy. Now students will be given leniency and two days of forgiveness to balance their account. Even if they fail and must be denied hot lunch, they will have had two chances to remember.

Way to go kids! You saw an "evil" in the world, you fought it, and you succeeded!

[Source: Columbia Basin Herald]