A Moses Lake man named Waymond Turner was sentenced for robbing a man after the victim tried to pay to have sex with a woman turner was with. He pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery in Grant County Superior Court according to news reports. Back in September of 2015, a man said that turner and woman had robbed him by knife point and taken his phones, wallet, and made him take off his clothes.

When police arrested Turner and the woman with him, they had a different story. Turner says that the victim contacted him to meet and buy drugs where the man made an offer to have sex with the woman that was with Turner. Turner admitted to selling the victim what looked like drugs but wasn't, and that is when the man offered to sleep with the woman. He then agreed to the "sex" deal but then made him get out of his cloths and took the rest of his money.

After police confronted the man, he admitted trying to have sex with the woman for $50. He also admitted when he got in the bushes with the woman, that is when Turner robbed him at knife point.