Moses Lake Police Department sadly has announced the retirement of K-9 Officer Chief.

If you remember, Chief was shot through the eye apprehending a robbery suspect in February. Moses Lake Police Department posted the announcement on their Facebook page.

It is with mixed emotion that we must announce the retirement of our hero K9 Chief, who was shot in the eye while attempting to apprehend a robbery suspect on February 28th.

While we are thrilled that K9 Chief has made a great recovery, and will live a normal life, we are saddened he will not be able to return to duty.
After his follow up with veterinarians, it was determined that the injuries he sustained will preclude him from performing the duties of a patrol dog. He will, however, continue to live with his handler Ofc. Nick Stewart, in a retirement befitting a hero. His future is bright with couches, treats and belly rubs.

K9 Chief will remain a member of our department and will continue to appear at community events. We plan to hold a more formal retirement for K9 Chief when circumstances allow.

We would also like to announce that we will be receiving K9 Chief's replacement next week. The as-of-yet unnamed K9 will be a Belgian Malinois from the same kennel in Iowa where we bought K9 Rex. We expect the new dog to be done with training and hit the road with Ofc. Stewart sometime before Memorial Day.

I hope K-9 Chief enjoys his retirement with lots of love and lots of steak to eat.

Good Boy.

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