credit: tik tok - uhohbigboi
credit: tik tok - uhohbigboi

A Tik Tok video that went viral with 1.3 Million views of a boat of boaters harassing another boat full of boaters because they had a pride flag ends with a happy ending of sorts.

The video shows the harassing boaters' boat going up in flames and being rescued by the boaters on the boat with the pride flag.

We first brought you the story yesterday that happened over the weekend on May 30th in Moses Lake. You can read that article here.

One boat was circling and taunting another boat because it was flying a pride flag and then the boat with the harassers caught fire.

The boat with the pride flag picked up the stranded boaters and got them to safety.

The video went viral and the Grant County Sheriff's Department was looking at charges for the harassment but it looks like the harrassed boaters are being the better person by not filing charges.

In a posting from the Grant County Sheriff's Department, here is an update on the case:

The person who recorded the viral TikTok video on Moses Lake contacted the Grant County Sheriff’s Office around 3 p.m. yesterday, 06/01/2021. The occupants on the boat have now been interviewed by investigators.
The person who recorded the video and two other people on the vessel that was being circled were adamant about not wishing to pursue charges against the people on the blue vessel that burned.
We respect their expectation to not be publicly named as well as the decision not to pursue criminal charges in this matter. We have privately thanked them for their heroic efforts in rescuing the people who jumped from the burning boat.
The Grant County Sheriff’s Office does not stand for intolerance of anyone and will investigate those cases accordingly.
Out of the kindness of their hearts, no charges will be filed but some could say that karma served up a big 'ole helping over the weekend.
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