People familiar with the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series will see parallels with a Moses Lake story that occurred on Sunday. Argimiro Flores, 21, was riding a bike with his friend when a Chrysler began following the two. Three occupants began yelling gang slogans at Flores and his friend. Then the vehicle stopped, the occupants got out, allegedly began beating the man and put his bike in the trunk. Then Flores pulled out a pistol and shot two of them.

Freddy Olivares, 30, was the one who put the bike in the trunk. Flores shot him in the neck. Then Adrian Martinez, 17, ran for it, and Flores followed him and shot him the chest, hip and leg.

He told police he carries two guns in his backpack to protect his family and that he has trouble controlling his temper in situations where he is disrespected.

Olivares and Martinez are expected to survive.

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