The best way to see where crime might happen in the future, is to see where it has happened in the recent past. With the tools at, you can organize which crimes happened in an area over a specific time frame. I used this tool to calculate all the personal burglary or robbery crimes so far in the Tri-Cities since the beginning of 2017 to come up with this list. The dark blue spots are personal robbery and the light blue spots are residential robbery.

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    Personal Robbery - Kennewick

    The most alarming stat that I saw from this data was the amount of personal robbery that happened in the area between Kamiakin High School and the Toyota Center. Most of the personal robberies in Kennewick for 2017 happened within this short few square miles. Four happened within one square block off Clearwater and Kellogg.

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    Residential Burglary - Pasco

    Most of the residential burglary that happens in Pasco is between 395 to 4th street and between Lewis Street to Interstate 182. It is safe to say that most of the crimes reported in Pasco come from this same relatively small area. The total burglaries outside of that area is almost non existent which surprised me.

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    Residental Burglary - Kennewick

    Kennewick has a much more spread out area for burglaries in 2017, but it is still mostly is a few main locations. The area between the river to 10th and 395 to Garfield seems to have the highest concentration of residential burglary so far in 2017.

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    Least Likely - Richland

    It you look at the numbers, Richland has hardly had any robberies so far in 2017 compared to Kennewick and Pasco. It has happened  in spots but there is not a real concentrated location of either personal or residential robbery in the data for Richland.