Everyone in the rock community is talking about the upcoming tour that Motley Crue and Kiss will embark on this summer. Billed simply as ‘The Tour,’ it’s going to be quite a spectacle, since both bands are known for “bringing it” in the live realm and having massive stage set ups. The bands did promise that each will be afforded ample opportunity to deliver two completely different, standalone shows, with Kiss frontman Paul Stanley declaring, “It’s not half-Motley, half-Kiss.” It’s full on for both — separate but equal.

While chatting with Revolver TV at Tuesday’s (March 20) landmark press conference, Stanley said, “Both bands will be in their element, wild and free, doing what we do and playing live music.” In somewhat of a diss against bands and acts that play to tape, Stanley continued, “No lip synching, no dancing backwards with guys humping each other on the side of the stage. All those bands who don’t sing, and just kind of lip synch? That’s not rock and roll. We don’t play always perfectly. We make mistakes. But it’s real. It’s live. It’s blood, sweat and tears.”

Amen to that, Paul. Flaws are what establish character and who wants to see a perfect, sterile live show, anyway? It’s the spontaneity that makes it interesting!

Crue vocalist Vince Neil said, “It’s going to be a great time. What two bigger bands can you put together with the shows we put on? The fans are going to love it. It’s going to be amazing.”

Host Carla Harvey brought up the rumors of a squabble between the Crue and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons from back in 1982. Word is that the Motley boys were kicked out of the backstage area at the time, but they jokingly blamed guitarist Mick Mars. “It’s unbelievable the trouble he causes,” his Crue bandmates said of their normally quiet riff maker.

We can’t wait to see what kinda “trouble” the Crue and Kiss stir up this summer.

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