Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars had a scary moment last night (May 4) after an audience member got loose at their show and proceeded to rush the stage, knocking over Mars in the process while making a beeline toward Vince Neil.

The incident occurred during the band's performance at Spectra Place in Estevan, Saskatchewan as the band were performing their song 'Primal Scream.' As the song reached its furious finish, the attacker can be seen entering from the side of the stage pushing aside Mars who was looking the opposite direction. The man then sprinted toward Neil, who dodged him as security managed to wrangle him to the ground.

Fan-shot footage of the attack can be seen below. In it, the band gathers around Mars to make sure he's okay. Drummer Tommy Lee can be heard on the mic stating, "What the f--- is wrong with you, you f---ing idiot?,' as the man was being dragged off the stage. Vince Neil added, "We might be back," as the band exited the stage.

After checking on Mars, the group did eventually return to close out the show. Mars, who turned 62 yesterday (May 4), was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in his youth and has struggled with pain while touring over the years, which made the incident all the more scary.

Mick Mars Knocked Over by Canadian Audience Member

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