It's a good time for rock and roll biopics. Bohemian Rhapsody winning a Golden Globe award and receiving an Oscar nomination for Queen. Now, a Motley Crue movie The Dirt is coming to Netflix March 22. The full trailer was released earlier today (Feb. 19) and you can watch it for yourself in the player below.

Perhaps the most notable casting for the film was rapper Machine Gun Kelly as Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Not only will Kelly be acting in the film, but he is actually featured on a new song the band wrote specifically for the movie, confirmed on twitter by bassist Nikki Sixx.

Back in September, frontman Vince Neil revealed that Motley Crue were returning to the studio to record four new songs, perhaps also for the soundtrack of the movie. Hopefully the release of the film will have as wide of an impact on the world as Bohemian Rhapsody did.

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