Nikki Sixx may be touring down under with Motley Crue in Australia, but the bassist is keeping his mind creatively occupied with ideas for his other band Sixx: A.M. as well. In his latest Australian tour journal, the bassist reveals that he's been working on new music during his downtime on the road.

Sixx and his Sixx: A.M. bandmates are currently working toward a new album for 2013, even while he's out on tour with Motley Crue. The bassist recently told Loudwire that the group had around six songs complete, with plans for another 10 tracks to be worked out before deciding what will go on their record. Apparently one of those ten tracks is coming together at the moment.

In his journal entry, Sixx writes:

Yesterday was a travel day for the band. We flew in from Perth to Adelaide arriving around 10 pm.I ran into Kerry King and the guys from Slayer at the airport. They’re playing the Soundwave festival tonight with Metallica, Linkin Park and a bunch of other bands. Probably gonna pop over and watch some metal go down big time later…(did someone say rock was dead?)

Stayed up late last night playing bass and guitar. Just enjoying myself a “little middle of the night” piece and quite with no phone calls or emails interrupting. James sent through another track from the new Sixx:A.M. album for me to track bass on, so that’s what I am up to for the next few hours. As beautiful as it is outside here in Adelaide today I think I’m just gonna hang in the room, finish off this song and then send to it James to lay into the session back in Nashville.
The way Sixx:A.M. is recording this album is we all get together and write the songs face to face and then record it in pieces. Sometimes we’re together and sometimes we’re in separate towns (and countries) since none of us live in the same city. It’s really the best of both worlds creatively. This album is another leap into the adventurous and too be honest I don’t think any of us know what this album will actually end up sounding like and for some odd reason I think we really like the idea of that. I hope we can to find the time and a way for us to tour behind this album. Would this be something that would wet your fancy?

Tomorrow its back to Motley and our 2nd show…Can’t wait for that but for now, back to recording in my room.

Sixx recently explained that his biggest problem for Sixx: A.M. was finding time amidst his commitments to Motley Crue, but he expressed his desire to make it more of a priority going forward.