Motley Crue‘s Vince Neil is now talking about his Las Vegas parking lot rant against a valet that went viral last month. The singer says that he’s not upset with the establishment where it happened, but rather the security in general.


Neil told Las Vegas’ Fox 5 ‘More Access’ program, “I was not given a valet ticket when I first parked my Rolls-Royce. They then refused to give me the car even though it was parked only ten feet away. I gave them my license and told them to simply open the car and look at my registration, and again they refused. This could have been avoided except for the stupidity and incompetence of the valets and security.”

In the video, Neil unloads on a parking attendant who would not hand over the singer’s Rolls-Royce after he failed to produce a claim ticket. The livid Neil can be heard yelling, “Give me my f—ing car! Give me my f—ing car! Give my my car!’ while banging on the window to get the valet’s attention. When the valet would not comply, he asked that the police be called and ranted at the security guard a little more.

When Neil was asked by security for the ticket, he responded, “They didn’t give me a f—ing ticket!” The police eventually did arrive, but Neil had already left with the car and the valet company decided not to file a report.

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