When I was growing up in Yakima my parents would take my brothers and I to the Royal Fork on special occasions. American buffet dining in the mid 1970s didn't get any better than this.

I mean, think about the FIRST time you were exposed to the beautiful smorgasbord phenomena. Unlimited dessert choices? And you could go back as many times as you wanted? This is madness!

And the drinks!

Raise your hand if you took your glass and sampled every single potential flavor under the trigger into one. Of course it tasted horrible.

But Mountain Dew has changed all that and is taking the carbonated soda mash-up to an extraordinary new level with Liberty Brew.

Liberty Brew combines 50 different flavors into one. It's not clear what exactly those 50 flavors are, and Mountain Dew ain't in a disclosing mood, but reviewers say the soda, blue in color, which honors all 50 American states, tastes like a combination of grape, berries and tropical fruits mixed together.

The drink started showing up over Memorial Day Weekend. No word on how long it will be around -- probably just through the summer -- but maybe longer if sales are brisk.

Will you try it?

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Instagram - Mountain Dew Liberty Brew
Instagram - Mountain Dew Liberty Brew

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