People say I am the biggest Seahawk fan that they know, but my next interview puts me to shame -- honestly.

Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk are arguably the most visible Seahawks fans in the world and have been season ticket holders since 1976. They are the couple that sits in the in-zone with Seahawks logos on their face, original "12" jerseys, and blue and green wigs.

Jeff and Dede -- real names -- are fans to the 12th degree! They are not rich, have no kids, but focus almost all their attention on the Seahawks. Their house is full of Seahawks stuff, the front yard had a replica of the old Kingdome with actual pieces of the ruble next to it. They even have their original seats from the Kingdome on their back porch.

Their most memorable moment was getting married on the 50 yard line in 1998, but they say going to the Superbowl this year would even beat that! You may run into them in Touchdown City or in the same endzone with "Mama Blue" and the "SeaHulk."

They also have an official page on Click here to see it!