Tim Eyman has had enough of Jay Inslee.

The man who burst upon the political scene in 1999, rallying folks for the year 2000's I-695, the measure that reduced car tab fees to a reasonable $30 bucks, winning a Conservative Political Action Conference Ronald Reagan award, and who just recently successfully sponsored I-976, capping annual vehicle registration taxes at $30, has confirmed he's tossing his hat in the ring to be governor.

He plans to file the paperwork on Monday, November 25, advocating for a smaller state government through lowering state taxes and fees. Among his 20 initiatives and one referendum, 4 were enacted into law, 6 were deemed unconstitutional and 11 failed or were overturned by the voters.

One that did pass earlier this month by Washington voters, Initiative 976, both caps annual fees and largely revokes the authority of state and local governments to add new taxes and fees without voter approval.

The measure would also repeal taxes and fees that are already in place, which could cost the state and local governments more than $4 billion in revenue over the next six years, according to the State Office of Financial Management.

Eyman made the announcement at the Sound Transit board meeting today, where his microphone was immediately cut off for violating the rules about campaigning during public comment.

Earlier this month, Eyman seemed to dismiss the idea of running for office, saying doing so would make "you just one more snake in the snake pit.”

Since 2017, Eyman, born in Yakima, has been the subject of a long-running lawsuit by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who says that Eyman violated state campaign-finance laws and covertly used his initiative drives to enrich himself.

Get your popcorn, this is going to get good.

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