It is hot this week, we all know that, but did you know two different extreme weather warnings were released by the Benton Clean Air Agency. Not only are temperatures expected to reach as high as 110 by the weekend, air quality and fire danger will be an issue as well according to news reports. As we get closer to the weekend, the forecast for ozone air quality will diminish from moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups. There is also an extreme fire danger in effect until further notice.

If you are in a group sensitive to air quality, even moderate levels can be dangerous. At moderate levels, sensitive people should reduce outdoor activity and be aware of coughing or trouble breathing. When conditions are closer to unhealthy, sensitive people should watch their activity levels even more. If you have to, move outdoor activity to the morning when there is less ozone. If you have asthma, talk to your doctor if your concerned and make sure you know where your medicine is just in case.

High ozone levels are not the only weather warnings released this week. There is also a "very high" fire danger until further notice. That means no outdoor burning is allowed in Benton County, however you can still use your "fireplace, wood stove, BBQ, or recreational campfires". If upgraded to "extreme" absolutely no burning is allowed, including campsite fires and agriculture burning. For more information or clarification on burning restrictions, click here for the Benton Clean Air website. For more information about ozone levels in Washington State you can click here.

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