I found these mushrooms in my yard the other day. I wonder if I can eat them.

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Edible Washington State Mushrooms Growing in My Yard?

*WARNING* I am not an expert in edible mushrooms. Never, I repeat NEVER eat mushrooms that you do not know are safe. Error on the safe side and confirm with an actual expert before eating any unfamiliar mushroom. Just like the app I used to gather this information says "YOUR LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN A MEAL". With that being said...

The other day I was doing some fall yard work and I noticed something I hadn't seen in my yard before. There suddenly seemed to be multiple kinds of mushrooms growing in different parts of my yard. I personally love to eat mushrooms and know a few people who forage for them at different times of the year in the nearby Washington State forests. I know that eating mushrooms in the wild can be very dangerous and honestly have no intention of actually eating them, but I want to know if I could.


I Found Two Kinds of Mushrooms in My Yard

I searched online in my app store and downloaded a free mushroom identifier app called "Mushroom Identificator" ( yes, I spelled it right). The app looks at pictures you take of different mushrooms you find and gives you options on what kinds they could be. I originally thought that I had three types of mushrooms in my yard, but really it was only two. Let me explain.

Washington Mushrooms in My Backyard: Edible or Risky?

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