Every summer, I'm feeling creative. Whether it's a road trip or just dancing around the house, I'm constantly listening to "new to me" music. Some of this list is brand new, some of it I've just finally discovered.

Here's some of the gems I've found and want to share with you!

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    Ghost Note Symphonies

    Rise Against

    Rise Against have been labeled "mainstream punk's unlikeliest heroes." They've been going hard since forming in 1999. They've released 8 albums since their debut The Unraveling in 2001.

    So, when they wanted to release a new compilation album of songs throughout their career, they had a lot to choose from.

    This album is great for Rise Against fans of all eras. It's also just plain great. It's been the bulk of my 4 month old's playlist. She loves it, and you will too!

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    Year of the Tiger

    Myles Kennedy

    Spokane native Myles Kennedy has released 5 full-length albums with Alterbridge and will release his second with Slash this year.

    He's probably my favorite voice in rock and roll still alive.

    It's pretty surprising that Year of the Tiger is Kennedy's first solo effort.

    While known for his work in hard rock bands, this solo album is a bluesy concept album written about the death of his father in July of 1974, the titular year of the tiger.

    It's haunting, hopeful, and all around beautiful. Trust me on this one.

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    Ukulele Songs

    Eddie Vedder

    I hate myself for just finding this. Released in 2011, Eddie Vedder's second solo album is appropriately titled Ukulele Songs.

    It's comprised of original tunes and some covers, all performed on a ukulele.

    One of the most iconic voices in grunge will soothe your soul on this gem.

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