I was thinking today, if I could only pick a two year span of music to listen to for the rest of my life, what would it be? That's the big question. No music before this two year span would exist, nor would music after it, naturally. But what should I choose?

I finally narrowed it all down to 2006-2007. For me, this is when music and bands were at their best. The strongest releases were popping out during these years.

My next question is, what's your favorite two year span of music? No need to rush to find an answer, you can take a look at my list of favorites from 2006-2007 if you need ideas.


Red Jumpsuit Apparatus releases Don't You Fake It, which includes songs like "Face Down".

Here's an awkward interview I had with the band my junior year in high school.

Rise Against releases The Sufferer & the Witness, which includes "Prayer of the Refugee" and "Ready to Fall".

Tom DeLonge (blink-182) with his new band, Angels and Airwaves, releases We Don't Need to Whisper, which includes "The Adventure".

All That Remains releases The Fall of Ideals, including songs like "Six".

Lamb of God releases Sacrament, which includes "Walk With Me in Hell".

Breaking Benjamin releases Phobia, which includes "Diary of Jane".

Underoath releases Define the Great Line, which features "You're Ever So Inviting".

My Chemical Romance releases The Black Parade, including tracks like "Famous Last Words", and "This is How I Disappear".

E-40 releases My Ghetto Report Card, which includes "Tell Me When to Go".

AFI releases Decemberunderground, which features "Miss Murder", and "Summer Shudder".

Busta Rhymes releases "In the Ghetto".

Killswitch Engage releases As Daylight Dies, including tracks like "My Curse".

It Dies Today releases Sirens, which includes "Sixth of June". (And the original.)

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker (blink-182) form +44, and release When Your Heart Stops Beating, this is the title track.

Red Hot Chili Peppers release Stadium Arcadium, which includes "Dani California".

The Devil Wears Prada releases Plagues, which includes "Reptar, King of the Ozone".

Atreyu releases A Death-Grip on Yesterday, which showcases "Ex's and Oh's".

Drive-By Truckers release A Blessing and a Curse (the last album with Jason Isbell), which includes "Daylight".

Taking Back Sunday releases Louder Now, which includes "MakeDamnSure", and "Spin".

Tool releases 10,000 Days, which includes "Vicarious".

Less Than Jake releases In With the Out Crowd, which features "A Life Still Franchise".

Jack White (the White Stripes) forms the Raconteurs, and releases Broken Boy Soldiers. "Steady, as She Goes" is a classic.

Three Days Grace releases One-X, their most popular record to date.


Against Me! releases New Wave (my favorite record of all time by anyone), which includes "Thrash Unreal", "White People for Peace" and "Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart".

A Day to Remember releases For Those Who Have Heart, which includes "The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle". Ron Jeremy co-stars as a master teaching old people the "Oh, so 2007 Hardcore Dance".

Enter Shikari releases Take to the Skies, which includes "Ok, Time for Plan B".

Good Charlotte releases Good Morning Revival, including songs like "Dance Floor Anthem".

Marilyn Manson releases Eat Me, Drink Me, which includes "Heart-Shaped Glasses".

The Used releases Lies for the Liars, which has songs like "The Ripper".

Anberlin releases Cities, which features "The Unwinding Cable Car".

Chiodos release Bone Palace Ballet, which includes tracks like "Lexington".

Shadows Fall releases Threads of Life, which features "Redemption".

Hurt releases Vol. I, which includes "Unkind".

White Stripes release Icky Thump. Check out the title track.

Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) forms Sixx: A.M. and releases The Heroin Diaries, featuring "Life is Beautiful".

Dropkick Murphys release The Meanest of Times, which features "The State of Massachusetts", and "Flannigan's Ball".