A couple nights ago I took my favorite tax preparer and her family out to Red Robin and it got me thinking I wonder if my favorite food deals are the same as those of the 97 Rock Nation. So let's find out...


Red Robin Bottomless Steak Fries - There's something about these delicious steak fries seasoned with the world famous seasoning that makes me keep asking for more and more. Plus don't be cheap on the ranch either. By the way, I'm pretty sure everyone has thought about stealing that seasoning at some point in their life.


Famous Dave's Wing Wednesday's - As you might know I'm a huge fan of chicken wings, from Wingstop, Hotwingz, Jackson's, or the Sportspage I don't care because I could eat wings every day of the week. I'm currently working on a weight loss program that includes eating wings 3 meals a day. Famous Dave's gives you a chance to enjoy wings at a very inexpensive price of only $.45 a wing each Wednesday in the bar or on the patio. Well worth the price check out Wing Wednesday's at Famous Dave's.



All You Can Eat Wings @ Jackson's Sports Bars - Tuesday's at Kennewick Jackson's and Wednesday's at Richland Jackson's, so yep there's 2 nights a week you can enjoy this delicious treat. I told you I'm a fan of wings and when you can enjoy AYCE(All You Can Eat) you've got my attention. Thanks to Chuck Fisher owner of both Jackson's locations for helping me get through the work week with 2 different days of wings. my favorites are the golden garlic.



2 For 1 Burgers at The Crazy Moose -Most Monday's you can find myself and The Brad enjoying burgers at The Crazy Moose in Pasco. When you can save some money and split lunch with a buddy it's always good on the wallet. We've gone so much that the staff even knows what we'll be eating, 2 Upper Decker Burgers, no veggies, extra ranch and Dr. Peppers.