You know that feeling when you crave one specific restaurant. While at the 97 Rock Glass Hook Studios today, I got the wicked craving for Teriyaki Grill. One of my favorite restaurants here in the Tri Cities. Locally owned, friendly, fast, and affordable...the food rocks too.

I'm a teriyaki nerd. I could eat the stuff everyday. Rice and some chicken or steak and topped with some Teriyaki. Mmm Hmm. Teriyaki Grill in Pasco actually makes their own sauce, in house and they definitely know what they are doing. The nice couple that works and runs the restaurant always greets you with a smile and nice greeting and says 'thank you' as you are walking out the door. I usually order the fried rice with chicken and steak and get a side of gyoza. The sauce that comes with the gyoza is almost as good as their homemade teriyaki sauce. The yakisoba rocks too.

Stop by Teriyaki Grill at 5325 N Road 68 in Pasco and on the corner of Clearwater and Columbia Center Boulevard in Kennewick.