I attended the Port Gamble Medieval Festival, June Faire, on the West Side this weekend. I took a ferry to get there. It was a great party put on by "Baron Arontius" and "Baroness Laurellen."

It was very true to how it must have been back in that time. I learned some of the history of Port Gamble (big-time lumber town -- think of the town in "Jaws"), which had incredibly cool, old homes immaculately kept up.

The barkers were true and faithful. Everyone was respectful.

It's obviously odd. The whole vibe is not for everybody.

I was glad to experience it. Anybody's who's got passion I really enjoy.

People think I wouldn't like classical music, but when the strings and woodwinds get really into it, they're rocking. When the conductor and everybody gets totally into it, they're rockin'! It's totally incredible.