It was my first time hosting the Benton Franklin Fair Demolition Derby and I had a blast!

Big thanks to my buddy Paul McDonough for the pics because I was busy working the mic and couldn't take my own. If you wanna see more of his work, just click here.

When they asked John McKay and I to host the derby, I really was not sure what to expect. John is the announcer for races all the time so I was the color guy and had in charge of getting the crowd hype. Wow, what a fun experience.

I basically just roamed around with the mic and talked to people. Anytime John would say something, I just tried to have a good comeback and it worked pretty well. the sound guy made us look like superstars by timing sound bites and effects right after we would say something funny.

All in all, I think we did one hell of a job and had one of the best nights ever hosting an event. The final derby was pretty good and long with the Batman car finally taking the win at the end. I hope everyone had a great time, because I know both John and I had a great time. If you were there, thanks!