We've started to notice that 10 percent of all news originates on Reddit.com. Yet Buzzfeed -- those kids who used to copy everyone else's work and call it a compliment -- is more popular. In addition to Reddit and Buzzfeed there are a lot of cool sites out there. We decided to make a list of a few we're fans of and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 so you can add more pleasure to your Internet surfing.

theChive.com is a good, well-rounded site, mostly for men. But some girls might like it. It has everything from videos to art. If you're into seeing half-naked ladies and funny videos, this is your site.

Upworthy.com is a site for people who are a bit older who like stories that make you feel good about the people on this planet. It requires a higher reading level than most sites on this list -- mostly because the people who are writing the stories are older and more educated. The downside to this is it's kind of boring and lackluster. But if you're into reading stories, this is the site for you.

Shockmansion.com is for men and only men. It has literally everything a man could want, from guns to girls to tattoos. The site runs smooth and the only bad side is that there is a bit too many ads and it kinda of ruins parts of the sight.
Rate- 4.5

izismile.com appears to be meant mostly for women. It covers a wide variety of things that relate more to women. I would mostly use it for updates in the social scene. I have no complaints on the site's setup or ads placement either.

BroBible.com I just like the name of this site. Its only meant for bros; this site covers everything that's needed to survive as a bro. I liked the variety of the stories.
Rate- 4.5

Laughingsquid.com is a decent site; it has a lot of content that the other sites did not. It just didn't have the flare the others provided. I thought they could have used their space a little better.
Rate- 2.5

iheartchaos.com I thought this site was average, it didn't have much "wow" factor but it covered a wide array of topics, which was refreshing because i didn't have to look to hard to see what I wanted. The adds were a bit annoying but not enough to truly take away from the sites features.
tosh.comedycentral.com I like everything tosh.0 does -- it's funny, I thought the videos of the show were good, and I thought all the stories fit perfectly for the site. There should be a bit more stuff to do on the site, but other than that it was a relativity good site.