As the draft looms (tomorrow), I won't be able to sleep tonight.

As a Sam Bradford fan, I honestly believe the Rams should use one of their 2 picks (1.2,1.13) on Johnny Manziel. Bradford is due $17 million this year. Seventeen million dollars. I love Bradford, but that's Brees money. Manning (either) money. Rodgers money. Sam Bradford hasn't earned that money. Granted, he hasn't been given the team/chance to succeed and earn those dimes, but he's still a huge cap hit as it sits. Johnny Manziel reminds me of Brett Favre, but with Steve Young's skill set, and the confidence of God. Time and time again, elite QB's have said the secret to their success is confidence. Bradford is shaky in comparison to Manziel's confidence.

With the new CBA limits on money rookies can be offered, it's a much cheaper option to go with Manziel. Even if they keep Bradford to sit on Manziel for a while, in two or three years, Manziel will only be 23 or 24. It's not like he's wasting his career sitting and learning.

Come on, St. Louis. Make me look like an idiot somehow.


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