Jon Bon Jovi,

You could give the Bills a good name

The NFL has been hosting games across the border for a couple of seasons now, and you can clearly tell the Bills are Canada's team. They're close to the border (literally almost in Canada), and play in the cold. Canadians can relate. New York has two clubs in the Big Apple, the Bills are like the stepchild of the family.

The Bills' history is rich, but it all ends in heartbreak. Four straight Super Bowl losses. There are teams that have never even been to the Super Bowl, let alone four straight losses. The Bills haven't been relevant since Jim Kelly retired.

The weather is cold, the stadium is empty, the wind causes trouble, the team has no identity.

Change can be good. Look at the LA Rams, Cleveland Browns, Oilers, etc. The Rams won a Super Bowl within four years of relocating to St. Louis. The Cleveland Browns became the Ravens and won a Super Bowl within four years of relocating to Baltimore. The Oilers relocated to Tennessee and were one yard short of winning a Super Bowl in their second season as the Titans.

You've got the qualifications, the AFL's Philadelphia Soul flourished under your ownership.

Think of the business side of this as well. Relocating to Toronto would make you direct competitors with the CFL as a whole, including the hometown Argonauts. You would easily win that battle. The CFL isn't a slouch league, either. The Grey Cup has a richer history than the Super Bowl.

Forget a state market, or even a regional market, you would own the entire Canadian market. That's 34 million people. Even though California has 38 million people, it has three NFL teams. You would own that market.

Build a state of the art dome stadium, and you would pack it. It could be the crown jewel of NFL stadiums.

The hysteria for Canadian NFL football could possibly even rival the hysteria for Canadian NHL hockey. Ratings would be huge. With the CFL in town, it's not even an issue. It's like asking someone if they want a cheeseburger or a fine steak.

Toronto already sustains an NBA team, a World Series winning MLB team, and an NHL team (duh), they could certainly take care of an NFL team.

The city of Toronto deserves an NFL team, Mr. Bon Jovi. You can deliver.

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