What can I say?

I stood outside in the heat for hours with hundreds of Hawks fans, never got into the Pub, but still had a great time. Go figure.

I knew it was going to be busy when the Seahawks "12 Tour" came to town but there were more people then I expected. The line ran all the way down the building, down the parking lot, and looped back around to Clearwater. It was cool to see so many Hawks fans in Tri-Cities, but not so cool to realize we were never getting in.

Even though we never got inside, all the players, cheerleaders, and even Blitz ran the line and mingled with all the fans. We had a great time hanging with all the Hawks fans, but I do have one complaint to the 12th Man.

My daughter tried for probably 20 minutes to get a Seeeaaa Haaaawwwks chant started and people would laugh but not cheer. If you have been to a Hawks game, then you know the chant is ALL OVER, in the stadium, where you buy food, even in the bathrooms.

If someone yells Seeaaa, you yell Haaawwwks. Got it?...good


Blitz took a second with my daughter that was one of the cool moments of my day, and made her a Blitz fan for life.

I did get to meet both Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, who are both huge. I gave a high five to Doug Baldwin but didn't say anything to him as he walked by. The cheerleaders were especially great with my daughter, even though she was shy. She kept talking about them after we left.

My daughter got a "High 5" from Richard Sherman, who was really cool with her and took that extra time to acknowledge a three year old. I was already a Richard Sherman fan, but that really showed me the type of guy he is and we are both BIG Sherman fans now.

One more thing, big thanks to the manager of the Pub (I'm talking to above) for helping me get my balls signed for my Hawks collection.

Get your head out of the gutter, these balls.