My wife turned 30 last weekend. She wasn't happy about it, but not nearly as upset about it as I thought she'd be considering the grief she gave me when I turned 30! What's the big deal with turning 30 anyway?

When I was turning 30 (and she was 21) she kept telling me over and over how old I was and how lucky I was to be dating a young chick like her. She'd tease me about if I needed my fiber, or should she get my cane, or if I wanted to use the walker.

When we were dating she told me to NEVER tell her sister (19 at the time) how old I was. When she finally asked outright, and I told her 29, she was SO RUDE!

When my sister-in-law turns 30 I'm buying her black flowers! Black cupcakes! I'll sneak black streamers into her house! I'll do it ALL WEEK!

Moral of the story: marriage is never equal. If I gave her the same kind of grief last weekend as she gave me a decade ago my marriage might not last!

What's the big deal, anyway?