There is always a song that describes where you live. It also depends on the kind of day you are having. Some could be negative and some could be about you being happy about where you live. I usually like living in Tri-Cities. This is also my favorite time of year because, there is a lot of outdoor stuff and fishing to do.

We also have of my kind of people. You know, those people that like you no matter what. I am glad I am surrounded by them. Tough, forgiving and genuine. Even when you are drunk.

My top five songs that describe my Tri-Cities.

AC/DC - 'Big Balls'

ZZ Top - 'Sleeping Bag' [because I love camping!]

Rob Zombie - 'Feel So Numb'  [this is pretty much most of us when we are board.]

Volbeat - 'A Warrior's Call' [this goes hand in hand with the above songs]

Led Zeppelin - 'Good Times, Bad Times'  [it all goes together quite nicely]

What is your top five songs that describe your Tri-Cities? Tell us in the comments below.