"Republicans for Biden" political signs are on display in both Richland and Kennewick.

The Richland sign is in a clump of political lobbying by the fire station just west of Gage and Keene. I spotted the Kennewick sign on the southeast corner of 10th Ave. and Kellogg St.

I have yet to see a Biden/Harris 2020 sign anywhere.

I'm surprised I'm seeing these signs because of the overwhelming popularity of the President around here. This Saturday past on a Columbia River float, I saw a beautiful boat on a slow troll against the current with a pair of large flags lazily flapping in the breeze. One was Old Glory. The other was Trump 2020.

Back in 2016, signs supporting candidate Trump were EVERYWHERE around the Tri-Cities. AND THEY WERE LARGE SIGNS. That was then, this is now.

Oh, I still see huge love for the President Trump around the Tri-Towns and online, but I can't remember a time when members of a political party openly endorsed a candidate NOT from their party. Sure, there are always whispers over cocktails and off-the-record belly aching sessions about what a jackass such-and-such is, but to put it on a sign and stick it in the ground?

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But then, we all know Mr. Trump took a blowtorch to the political playbook and changed everything in 2016. Conventional wisdom gets second place. I'm pretty sure these signs will just be dismissed by his true base, moreover, it furthers the narrative that their guy really does need a second term, because the swamp is out to devour, doing everything they can to scuttle his chances.

Love him or hate him, one term or two, President Trump is ultimately good for America. When he is gone I believe a big part of his legacy will be that Americans were forced to take a hard look at things and norms we just took for granted, as normal, ah, that's just the way it is. Many times, it has turned out, that's NOT just the way it is. Challenging what's "normal" can only lead to growth and better understanding of issues and ourselves, and that is a good thing. America will always be bigger than just a single individual.

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