Quick, Dave, get online, Inslee's pitch is a promise to process your pot possession pinch pardon petition.

Dave's not here, man.

Washington denizens who have a single misdemeanor marijuana possession conviction can get a pardon from Gov. Jay Inslee by filling out an online form.

When announcing his “Marijuana Justice Initiative” on Friday, Gov. Inslee said people should not be punished for something that is no longer illegal in Washington and he recognizes an “evolution” in the state’s attitude toward marijuana and this opportunity will allow many residents to “move on with their lives without these convictions causing additional burdens.”

A person who has a single conviction as an adult for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Washington between Jan. 1, 1998, and Dec. 5, 2012, can fill out an online form seeking a pardon. Voters approved the use of medical marijuana with an initiative that passed in 1998, and approved adult use of recreational marijuana by initiative in 2012.

The conviction must be the only one on that person’s record, and prosecuted under state law, not a local ordinance. The person can’t be facing pending charges in the state or elsewhere.

The form requires the jurisdiction where the offense occurred, the court case number and the date of the conviction.

An initial review estimates some 3,500 Washington residents could be eligible for a pardon under the initiative, but there’s no estimate yet on how many will apply.

Requests will be reviewed in the order they are received and the process may take weeks.

Those who qualify will get a formal pardon letter sent to them, to the court where the conviction occurred and to the Washington State Patrol. Those who don’t qualify can still request a standard pardon through the Clemency and Pardons Board.

Forget it man, and get with the online countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for Kicksville.

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