To this day I have not met anyone who doesn't like some kind of French fry. Skinny, steak, curly, waffle, let's face it, fries rule! And who is the fry kingdom that is ruling the nation in fry production? Richland! A new expanded "fry factory" was unveiled that will not only lead in the production of fries and other frozen potato foods, but it will create more jobs for the area! Lamb Weston’s new facility can now produce 2 million pounds of finished product a day!!

The new facility is awesome because not only will they be hiring potentially up to 150 new people, but a big part of the potatoes purchased are from farmers within 60 miles of the Tri-Cities, which is fantastic for local farms! Technically, there's a facility in Canada that boasts the fry "World Capitol" but in the US we definitely rule!

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