The Best of Rockers and Ballads and Spies?

Perestroika or Patriot propaganda?

From Russia With Love?

Holy Gorky Park, Batman!

Dropping on Spotify, May 11th, an eight part (8?) podcast "Wind of Change" breaking down the hypothesis and conclusion that the Scorpions ballad "Wind of Change"  is really just CIA poppycock.

And here we always thought the song's subject matter was about Scorpions lead singer Klaus Meine's observations of the differences in the Soviet Union opening up and changing between Scorpions gigs in the years of 1988 and 1989. Sure, a failed coup between shows might have something to do with the landscape shift, but still.

Somebody's balalaika is strumming out of tune.

The host of the podcast says he, "conducted nearly a hundred interviews in four countries with rockers and spies".

The host is Patrick Radden Keefe, an investigative journalist for The New Yorker.

He says, from Deadline, quote, “It’s a story that stretches across musical genres, and across borders and periods of history, so it was important to me that you hear the music, and the accents and the voices, and judge for yourself who might be lying and who is telling the truth. I’ve had so much fun pursuing this crazy story over the course of a year, exploring the dark byways of Cold War history and doing nearly a hundred interviews in four countries with rockers and spies. I can’t wait to share it with the world."

It’s been described as This is Spinal Tap meets All the President’s Men, where a U.S. government sanctioned power ballad shredded the iron curtain. In addition to a podcast series, you know there will be lots of TV and film interest for this story, however far-fetched the yarn may seem on the surface.

We'll see.

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