"Stand for a dog that is not your own, because your own damn dog is next."

It's not a topic that you ever hear in metal music, but Protest the Hero has created a song and lyric video that all dog owners should listen to and watch. Forget those sad Sarah McLachlan commercials and crank up the new track from Canadian rockers Protest The Hero called 'A Life Embossed'.

According to vocalist Rody Walker:

The boys in PTH are long time dog lovers, it has come to our attention that there's injustice afoot! Our home of Ontario Canada is the largest territory in all the world to pass legislation that discriminates against a specific breed of dog. This is a worldwide issue that the band is incredibly disturbed by. The song and video for "A Life Embossed" attempts to draw much needed attention to an issue that affects all dog lovers alike.

More specifically, the song is challenging new legislation recently passed in the bands hometown of Ontario, Canado. The breed-specific legislation bans residents from owning or breeding pit bulls and dogs that fall into this category must be muzzled in public and either spayed or neutered. New euthanization policies will also be enforced.

I'm not a dog owner myself, but am behind the message that PTH are putting out. With responsible owners, these breeds of dogs are not the monsters they are often portrayed as.

'A Life Embossed' will be on Protest The Hero's upcoming album 'Volition' hits stores and digital outlets on Tuesday, October 29.