There is a new scam making the rounds in Tri-Cities and the Kennewick Police Department are reminding us to be ever vigilant.

It involves those Google Play Gift Cards and here is how the scam works according to The Kennewick Police Department

A common scam involves criminals calling people and directing them to purchase Google Play or other gift cards. The criminal then tells the victim to give them the gift card numbers. The specifics to the scam constantly change. Sometimes the criminal claims to be the police and tells the victim they have a warrant for their arrest. Other times the criminal sends a fruadulent check in the mail and requests the victim to send the money back. Regardless of the details, the victim is out the money and the criminals are in the wind. DO NOT give out your personal information on the phone. DO NOT allow someone to remotely connect to your computer. DO NOT cash checks you are not anticipating. DO NOT provide gift cards to unknown persons over the phone. Spread the word and make Tri-Citians scam-proof.

Just some good advice and again some reminders to be ever vigilant when you are approached by unknown people asking for help - a good rule of thumb - don't do it!

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