The dating landscape in Washington just dramatically changed.

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Nearly 1 Million new Singles in Washington State Starting in 2024

If you are suddenly finding yourself single after the new year, you are definitely not alone if you live in Washington State. Recently a survey revealed that in just a short time, the single population has grown by over 900,000 people. These numbers are part of a national study showing that millions upon millions of couples decided to call it quits and attempt a fresh new start in the new year.


There is a Single Surge All Over the United States

The survey was completed by online photo company Mixbook and looked at over 3,300 people over the New Year. They found that in the United States since the start of 2024, there are 35,492,356 new singles. For a lot of couples, the holidays can be a time to grow closer but this year a large number of those couples decided to end theirs and look for something else. The largest amount of new singles come from California with almost 4.5 million coming from the Golden State alone.


Washington State: The 13th Most New SIngles in 2024

Washington State also showed a large number of couples who were just not satisfied and decided to call it quits to the number of over 900,000 people. So why did all these couples decide to call it quits after the new year? The survey doesn't even give any clues, just numbers with no explanation. You can read more about their study and see all 50 spots at

The Top 13 Singles States:

  1. California 4,497,160
  2. Texas 3,181,803
  3. New York 2,622,149
  4. Florida 2,564,979
  5. Ohio 1,421,121
  6. Pennsylvania 1,292,695
  7. Georgia 1,224,671
  8. Illinois 1,210,059
  9. North Carolina 1,021,152
  10. New Jersey 945,803
  11. Massachusetts 941,514
  12. Michigan 905,965
  13. Washington 900,662

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