It's the worst kept Amazon secret in Spokane since a certain number of Jeff Bezos' personal phone photos went viral, so Amazon has gone ahead and confirmed what most people have already accepted as a given, there will be a 1.3 million square-foot Amazon fulfillment center in the Spokane Valley at 18007 E. Garland Avenue, bringing another promised 1,000+ jobs, and the facility is supposed to be ready to open by the end of this year.

The over 1,000 new full-time jobs will be on top of the existing 4,000 salaries Amazon pays at its Airway Heights fulfillment center, 10010 W. Geiger Blvd. The workers at that West Plains facility deal with orders for smaller items, plus the workers are on the job alongside Amazon Robotics to pick, pack and ship customer orders.

Once the 5,000 number of filled jobs threshold has been crossed, Amazon will become the second-largest private employer and fourth-largest employer in Spokane County.

The new Spokane Valley facility will be able to fulfill larger items orders faster, like outdoor sports equipment, pet food, patio furniture, bulk cleaning supplies and paper goods.

In a statement about growing their partnerships in the years ahead, Amazon said the warm outpouring of support from the Spokane community and city leaders when the first fulfillment center was launched last year went a long way in determining a quick decision to keep moving forward in the Spokane area.

The first jobs to be available will be in receiving and stowing inventory, shipping customer orders and supporting network logistics.

Wages begin at $15 and hour and include benefits. Employees also can access Amazon's Career Choice Program that prepays 95% of tuition for courses such as IT programming, nursing and other high-demand fields.

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