I was shocked to read a new study conducted a Seattle-based insurance company on "How easy it is to make new friendships with people from the Pacific Northwest" (specifically Seattle) and the results were surprising. 

In a press release from Pemco Insurance written by Derek Wing, the study says:

The Northwest has a reputation for its somewhat cool reception toward newcomers... the 'freeze' felt by many may not be a figment of their imaginations... a majority of Washington and Oregon residents admit that making new friends isn't a top priority for them... 40 percent of residents say it's not too important, or even not at all important, for them to make new friends. That's almost double the number of respondents on the other end of the spectrum (24 percent) who say it's very or extremely important to make new friends."

I found this to be very strange. However, I'm originally from Southern California and I happen to be very outgoing -- so maybe this doesn't apply to me. Anyway, I recommend reading the entire study. I found it very interesting.

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