Folks in West Richland will soon have an additional place to pump gas, buy lottery tickets, get snacks and pop, and Firehouse Subs!

I don't drive this far down Keene Road often, so when I did I was surprised to see this giant structure going up!

I've lived out in this area for 10 years, and I remember when the speed limit on Keene was 50 miles an hour, and most of this was farmland. Now there's a new school, the speed limit has been greatly reduced LOL, and houses and businesses like this or shooting up like crazy.

The lot is fairly huge and I didn't take the time to count the number of gas pumps they're putting in, but there will be several. It looks like it will be about as big as the new Circle K they built recently at Bombing Range and Paradise Rd.

The new Sun Market and Firehouse Subs will be located at the corner of Keene Rd. and Belmont Blvd. in West Richland (right by the City of West Richland Municipal Services building).

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