I've been a big fan of Will Ferrel going back to his days on SNL, playing characters like The Spartan Cheerleader, the Dad in Family Dinner, Harry Caray, Alex Trebek on Jeopardy, and of course the classic (and probably most recognized sketch) 'I Need More Cowbell'.

It seems that it is a natural progression for many in television to make the Hollywood move to movies, which he has done perfectly. Ive been hoping that there would be a sequel to 'Step Brothers' or 'Anchorman' coming soon, but it looks that that will not be happening in 2012 as 'Casa De Mi Padre' will be his next release coming this March.

'Casa De Mi Padre' is a spanish movie with english subtitles, yet it still think it looks hilarious even though yo hablo muy poco español. (I used Google translate for that, by the way). Check out the trailer below.