Unless you follow professional football closely, you may not know that the guys in stripes on the field this preseason haven't been the normal NFL referees. Due to the labor dispute between the NFL its referees, these so called 'replacement refs' will officiate Week 1 of the regular season, and possibly continue officiating games after.

There hasn't been too many issues with the 'replacement refs', until last night's Patriots/Giants game.

After a 2nd Quarter punt by the New York Giants was penalized, the umpire and his crew seem confused as to what penalties they called. It takes 3 explanations and 4 minutes of awkward looking deliberation before play resumed.

So brutal and sad at the same time. Nice work by the commentators to not reem this guy, it's definitely a high pressure job. Someone buy the guy a beer after the game. This is tough to watch.

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