Nick Carter has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old fan while the band was visiting Tacoma on a 2001 tour. Carter, who would have been 21, has been alleged to have given the then-teenager alcoholic beverages before forcefully assaulting her on his tour bus when the band was in town for a show at the Tacoma Dome.

Nick Carter CD Release Party
Nick Carter pictured in 2002, about one year after the alleged incident. Photo by Getty Images.

Shannon Ruth came forward yesterday, filing a lawsuit against the singer. Ruth says she has both cerebral palsy and autism and alleged that after the assault, Carter forcefully grabbed her arm and called her a slur directed at her self-reported conditions.

Backstreet Boys announce Tour
Backstreet Boys pictured in 1999. Picture by Getty Images.

This new revelation comes after previous accusations were made against Carter, including those made by fellow former teen idol Melissa Schuman. Following Ruth's lawsuit, the Backstreet Boys' planned ABC Christmas special has been pulled.

Backstreet Boys were formed in 1993 and have sold over 100 million albums worldwide, including 1999's Millennium. In 2001, the group was touring off the heels of their Black & Blue release.

Nick Carter's brother, Aaron, died on November 5th of this year. The brothers had a sister, Leslie, who passed away in 2012.

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