A year that began with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger doing a simple co-write on a song with pop star Avril Lavigne is ending with the pair engaged and planning their wedding. Now, Kroeger says he's expecting a ceremony that will probably be anything but traditional.

Kroeger tells Men's Health magazine that he's taken a back seat while his bride-to-be plans a good portion of the wedding. He explained, "We [grooms] get such an incredibly small chunk in terms of what we can actually participate in … I get control over nothing. I just show up. But I'm glad, because she has … traversed these territories before. These are uncharted waters for me, so it's nice to have her to guide me through this."

The frontman says he's quite impressed with what he's seen so far, adding, "She's got great ideas. I would have gone a little too traditional, I think, and she's giving it a real rock 'n' roll edge. The groomsmen won't be wearing piano neckties, (but) let's just say she's taking the bull by the horns and steering the ship towards what is going to be the most unique wedding that the planet has probably ever seen."

Kroeger told the magazine that he never envisioned himself as a married man, but his relationship with Lavigne got him thinking otherwise. He adds, "Honestly, it was more my idea than hers to get married. I'm just lucky she said yes."

Lavigne was previously married to Sum 41's Deryck Whibley. Lavigne's current and former beaus recently had a humorous exchange over Whibley's decision with his current girlfriend to dress as the newly-engaged couple for Halloween.

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