They already have 50+ combinations of jerseys, so why not add another few variations. Today, Nike unveiled the latest uniform for the University of Oregon football team. The Ducks will debut the new 'White Vapor' uniforms against the University of Southern California tomorrow.

Arguably the best team in the nation with an 8-0 record and averaging 53 points a game, The Ducks will be showing off Nike's latest, cutting-edge uniforms. If you are familiar with the uniforms that have already been worn the past couple of seasons, you won't be shocked by the new look as it isn't as drastic as some past jerseys.

The 'White Vapor' will still feature the wing design on both the shoulders and helmets to honor the team's tradition, while the color combination keeps the uniform looking very modern overall.

According to Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Creative Director for Football:

Our goal is to help build better athletes by providing them with state-of-the-art-innovation combined with a deep knowledge and understanding of Oregon’s heritage and the uniform chassis that the Ducks will wear is the next evolution in football innovation. With the integration of Chain Maille Mesh into the jersey as well as the functional winged pattern on the shoulders, this is truly the lightest, fastest football uniform we’ve ever made.

Personally I like to see the different jerseys each week that the Ducks have been showing off. Do you like the idea of all these alternate uniforms? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Via Bleacher Report]