One of the things that's limited Sixx: A.M. somewhat in the past is their lack of a drummer, but Nikki Sixx has discussed his desire to make the band more of a priority in the future and that would presumably include finding a drummer to help them out. In a recent tweet, Sixx revealed the musician that's on the top of his wish list, shouting out the Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins.

It should be noted that Sixx's comments are more wishful thinking than something that's truly in the works at this point, as the musician even used the suggestion to spur conversation amongst fans on which drummers are their favorites and perhaps who they'd like to see on a Sixx: A.M. record.

Hawkins may be a difficult get, as even though the Foo Fighters have been on hiatus, recent word was that activity was ramping up againalbum update tweet

So, with Sixx: A.M. continually writing and working toward a new album, we'll take Nikki Sixx's lead and ask you who you'd like to see drumming on their future music. Let us know in the comments section below.