I woke up this morning and felt like I'd smoked a pack of cigarettes the night before. As someone who used to smoke, I know exactly what that feels like. So for a second I was like, "Did I smoke last night and just forget?" Yeah, no that's not really something you forget. So I checked around and I was glad to see it's not just me. It's actually the air quality in the Tri-Cties! Due to all the fires including the latest that hit the Canyon Lakes area, the air quality is horrible. According to KEPR, "over the weekend, winds pushed smoke out of the Mid-Columbia region bringing clear skies, (but) now officials say stagnant air has returned the the region. The smoke from a bunch of fires is settling in and won't be going anywhere until Wednesday at the earliest.

So you're not crazy, the air is no bueno. Stay inside and keep it chill until at least Wednesday. Sounds like perfect Netflix binge weather to me! Be careful and hang in there!


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