Nonpoint has been one of my favorite bands for a number of years. I've seen them live in concert numerous times and even been lucky enough to meet the guys. They're down to earth, intelligent, and very welcoming to their fans, which that last notion can often not be the case for bands with national recognition.

They recently experienced a slight lineup change, as two of the founding members, vocalist Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera, will be joined by Rasheed Thomas and Dave Lizzio each on guitar, and bassist Adam Woloszyn. The now 5 piece band has been hard at work in the studio recording their sixth major label album and is planning to have it released sometime in 2012.

I've been waiting to hear some of the new material and last week, while performing an acoustic set at the Wisconsin National Guard office, they rocked the new song 'Another Mistake'. Take a listen to the song below and be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section. I can't wait to hear this one plugged in with Robb smashing the drums!