If you have kids in the Northwest or just love baby animals, you are not going to want to miss this. The Woodland Park Zoo, located near Seattle Washington, received a very cute new baby female bear that was found orphaned in Alaska. The Zoo just released an adorable video you can watch below to commensurate the occasion and spread the word.

The cub was seen wandering without its mother around an Air Force base outside of Anchorage Alaska. After making sure the bear was alone and did not have a mother, a crew from the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife devised a plan to catch the bear. Usually bears are attracted to things that are sweet, but not this bear. They tried to lure her with donuts but all she would do is sniff and walk away. One of the agents had some sausages with them, and that finally worked.

The bear was first taken to an Alaska zoo where she was given food, treatment, and a short-term home. Shortly after after arrangements had been made, the bear arrived at her new permanent home at the Woodland Park zoo near Seattle Washington on July 13th. The bear will be kept in a private enclosure until she is normalized to her new environment. She has a huge new enclosure that resembles her natural setting with a large pool with live fish for eating, a stream, lots of bear sized furniture, and lots of tree stumps and rocks to enjoy.

Updates for when the public can visit the bear will be posted here.

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