Super Sunday. I can't wait. How many of the following super nuggets were you aware of?

I enjoyed learning of the monetary discrepancy between today's winning and losing bonus checks and how much the players were paid in the first Super Bowl (which wasn't even called the Super Bowl until Super Bowl III).

Great stuff on the list like:

  • how much the Vince Lombardi trophy costs ($25,000, made by Tiffany's);
  • the only player to play in 5 consecutive Super Bowls (Backup QB Gale Gilbert... four in a row with the Bills, and the following year with the San Diego Chargers...he lost all five.)
  • The Patriots will have faced half of the NFC teams in the Super Bowl,
  • Bill Belichick will coach in his 9th big game, most of any coach
  • and the team wearing the white jerseys have won 11 of the past 12 Super Bowls (Green Bay wore dark when they beat the Steelers in 2011), New England will wear white Sunday, like they did when they beat the Seahawks two years ago.
  • 72 PERFECTLY INFLATED balls will be used.
  • Gamblers wagered a record amount on last year's Super Bowl. Most of that money went on the Denver Broncos, who won the game 24-10.
  • If you're eating chicken wings, you're not will consume an estimated $132.5 billion dollars worth.
  • Houston's stadium is not big enough to potentially top the biggest Super Bowl crowd, 103,985 fans saw the Steelers beat the Rams in 1979.
Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos
Getty Images/Elsa



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